Critter Country is Small but Mighty


Critter Country is one of the smallest lands left at the Disneyland Resort. In fact, not many even remember the movies that some of the attractions like Splash Mountain are based on, mainly because films like the Song of the South, have in recent years fallen out of favor due to racial overtones that are insensitive in the more culturally aware society we live in today. For that reason, there has been long speculation that Critter Country, in the ever evolving landscape of Disneyland, will be one of the future lands to be rebranded. Until then, experience all Critter Country has to offer with the following itinerary.

If you are someone who likes to start the day with sweets, try a coffee and the famed funnel cake creations at the Hungry Bear Restaurant. As the park gears back up for the return of Fantasmic, new menu items like the Milk and Honey Funnel Cake, with features condensed milk, clover honey, edible flowers and whipped cream, is worth the visit. For visitors who prefer a coffee and churro, limited edition s’mores churros are heading to the Critter Country Churro Cart as well.
If planning on a trip to Splash Mountain, do yourself on a favor on cold days and bring a change of clothes. It’s no fun being cold and wet walking through Disneyland. But on warm days, take a ride on Splash Mountain early enough in the day to have time to dry off and maybe even go again. This attraction features the steepest drop in the park as well as a photo finish to capture the fear, or rather joy, at the midpoint of the drop.

For the littles, or those with a fond memory of Winnie the Pooh, the Many Adventures of Winnie Pooh, my oldest son’s first Disney ride ever, is a little bit of the kid friendly Fantasyland buggy attraction style with all the animal fun of Critter Country. The line tends to be on the short side as well because not many spend much time in this area.

By this time, it’s probably time for a wind down lunch. There’s a little known quick service restaurant in the park called Harbour Galley that serves affordable lobster. Yes, previously known for its Lobster Roll, the new menu items rolled out include Lobster Mac and Cheese Hot Dog and Leaded Lobster Chips, particularly good for all the Cove Bar fans who are unable to get their Lobster Nachos during the Paradise Pier renovation. It’s made with house chips topped with lobster, cheddar cheese sauce, spicy-lime mayo and chives.  Seating around the well themed restaurant is quite nice. Lucky families who can scores seats on the steps near where the Columbia is docked get a real harbor feeling.

One of the best holdovers from Walt’s time in Disneyland is Davey Crockett’s Explorer Canoes. It’s a good time to remind the new generation of the wilderness man that was Davey Crockett and take them on the canoes for a paddle around the Rivers of America. Despite what many believe, the canoes are not on tracks or are they motorized so please, help the cast members paddle on this attraction, or at the very least, don’t drag the paddles making it even harder to move the canoe forward.

There’s not a lot of shopping in Critter Country but for families who shy away from characters purchases, Critter Country’s Briar Patch is not a bad place to buy some souvenirs that are themed after actual woodland creatures instead of the most recent Pixar movie.

After all that rowing and shopping, the last stop of the day in this land should definitely be for a final snack. One of the best places to get some of the greatest instagrammable sweets in the park in Pooh’s Corner. From Tigger Tail Marshmallow sticks, to baked goods and chocolate covered items galore, it is a great place to grab a treat.

Visitor Information
Critter Country at Disneyland
1313 Disneyland Dr, Anaheim, CA 92802
Phone: (714) 781-4565

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