9 Products for Breastfeeding Mamas + Giveaway

I'm lucky that my breastfeeding relationship with my second child came easily. With my first, hundreds of dollars were spent on galactogogues supplements, pumping supplies, formula for supplementation, lactation consultants, antibiotics and doctors appointments to fight mastitis. Breastfeeding used to bring me to tears. Now with ET, my second child, he latched immediately, my milk came in quickly and he had no weight loss issues. It was everything I dreamed breastfeeding should be.

I learned a lot my last go around and though I wouldn't recommend the products I used for breastfeeding my first son for all breastfeeding mamas, the following 9 products are pretty awesome for all breastfeeding mamas.

1. New Chapter Perfect Postnatal Vitamin. I took New Chapter Prenatals during my pregnancy because they were the only ones that didn't give me a stomachache. These Postnatals are awesome in the same way and include lactation support. Perfect for postpartum recovery.

2. Leading Lady Nursing Sleep Bra. Turns out there are two kinds of great bras for nursing, the most comfortable and easy to use being sleep bras. They don't do much in terms of support or nipple hiding but they make up for it by being easy to pull down in the middle of the night while trying to feed a screaming baby.

3. Now Foods Acidophilus Capsules. Thrush is a real challenge for many breastfeeding women. It's a fungal infection that presents in the form of breast pain that can make the strongest of women quit. One of the ways to prevent thrush before it starts it by taking acidophilus or any effective probiotic that will keep the fungus at bay.

4. Milkmakers It's a Mix - Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. Even without supply issues, these cookies are so delicious I looked forward to eating them during my pregnancy. After trying many lactation cookie recipes myself, I found they either were not as effective as this mix or not as tasty as Milkmakers.  Plus, the mix makes fresh cookie making so easy my toddler can help me. In return, he expects some of the cookies though.

5. Traditional Medicinals Mother's Milk Tea. This tea isn't necessary for anyone who has oversupply or adequate supply. It's not particularly tasty.  But, it is easy to find in stores and around the witching hour/evening time when it seems my milk supply wanes and baby gets a little fussier than normal, I find taking the time to drink this tea helps. Either because having a hot cup of uncaffienated tea relaxes me and in turn relaxes him or because it's actually boosting my supply instantaneously, the effect is enough for me to keep drinking it.

6. Zulu Core Glass Water Bottle with Quick-Cap Lid. I cannot say enough good things about a bottle that seals but has a one hand open. This particular bottle is my go to while nursing because I can just pop it open, drink and close again and not worry about spills or having to have two free hands to open a screw top bottle. A+ design.

7. Amorini Silver Nipple Soothers. I bought these at MommyCon last year and, though the price was steep, they are worth every single penny. It seems that the first weeks of breastfeeding for almost every mom are filled with some kind of nipple pain or soreness, regardless of our prior experience. Wearing these silver nipple soothers stopped the pain between feedings by keeping my nipples moisturized and healing quickly. Wearing them under clothes prevented additional chaffing that can occur just from wearing a bra or top in the first postpartum weeks. Just an amazing product I had no idea about while breastfeeding my first.

8. Band Bamboo Women's Seamless Padded Nursing Bra. Though nursing sleep bras are the most comfortable, we all have to leave the house which means a little more support and nipple coverage is necessary for those of us who are a little more modest. This bra easily unclips for quick nursing but provides lots of support when the cups are clipped in place. Also, it doesn't have underwire. Every time I used an underwire bra outside of the house, especially if I was separated from my nursing child, I got mastitis. That didn't happen when I used seamless bras without underwire so my advice is NO UNDERWIRE.

9. Lansinoh HPA Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers. This is an industry standard. They even give it away at my hospital. It's for quick relief and healing, especially when nipples are particularly dry or cracked.

Though this product isn't on my top 9 products, I thought it might be nice to do a giveaway for my awesome little community of blog readers. Since there's not a lot of you, odds are high for anyone who enters to win. Without further ado, enter below for a chance to win a Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Essentials Kit. I have two to giveaway. Giveaway closes June 3, 2016 at 12am. Good luck!

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**This Giveaway is closed. Congrats to Karin and Liz!**

What's your biggest breastfeeding challenge?

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  1. Having enough milk supply, I can't produce enough milk 😭

  2. I am currently pregnant and plan to breastfeed, so I am just trying to learn as much as possible right now.

  3. With my first I had major supply issues. I'm due in June with #2 and I'm hoping with all this new knowledge and support I will have more success this time!

  4. I supply a perfect amount. Its the latching at times so i pump the majority of the time and i like to see how much lil man eats!

  5. I supply a perfect amount. Its the latching at times so i pump the majority of the time and i like to see how much lil man eats!

  6. Right now I'm dealing with the biting stage ��

  7. With my first, it was supply issues+bad latch. We had to use SNS and supplement at home for a while. However time and practice led to a lengthy breastfeeding relationship. With my 2nd, now 3 months old, we had a great latch but some supply issues around the 1 month mark. I have used both the MM cookies (pre made and mix) and the tea, both were wonderful. We now have great supply and a great breastfeeding relationship. ��

  8. Mastitis. With my first, I rarely got it, now it's monthly.

  9. My first had a stage 4 upper lip tie and tongue tie. My supply suffered immensely. I also had to go back to work fast, so pumping wasn't as successful

  10. Early on it was being prepared for and dealing with the major leaks prior to my supply regulating. Now, 2.5 years later, it's dealing with his odd latch that's seemed to have changed since he was a regular nursing. Ouch!

  11. My baby hasn't been born yet but my sister in laws have been informing me about the struggles of breastfeeding such as a good latch.

  12. Keeping my supply up is my biggest challenge!


  13. I never had a lot of support so I gave up too easily and had supply issues! Hoping this time will be the most successful!