Pampers Swaddlers Allergy and Treatment

A few days ago, I had a major mom freakout moment. I was changing ET's diaper and noticed that on his right testicle there was a red spot that looked like it was inflamed and bleeding. I immediately got on the phone to make an appointment the pediatrician to look at it.

I had recently read an article about a newborn who died from undiagnosed herpes simplex (cold sores), a condition that 50%-80% of adults have, so my overreacting mom brain went right to this worst case scenario!

After a couple of hours with Dr. Google, it became clear that the diapers ET was wearing might have been the culprit.

The Problem

Pampers Swaddlers Newborn Diaper
Interestingly, our hospital uses Pampers Swaddlers, though when BB was a newborn we used Huggies and cloth diapers at home. Our Subscribe and Save through Amazon auto sends Huggies but the delivery wouldn't arrive in time so my husband bought the Pampers in the meantime. 

The Swaddlers have a few very cool features that made me consider switching. The wet indicator line, which turns from yellow to blue whenever baby urinates, is very helpful. The mesh interior does a good job of capturing solids and pulling them away from the skin making it easy to change poopy diapers. 

Interior Mesh Lining of the Pampers Swaddlers Diaper

After the raw spot on ET's testicle developed, I started paying closer attention to the diaper on his skin. It looked like he was developing a diaper rash on his butt even though he was regularly being changed and my postpartum diet has been anti-allergen and consistent because all my meals have been delivered by Jing Mommy. And the mesh was attached to ET's skin, which could account for pulling off some of the thin sensitive scrotal skin. 

I read of similar stories from other moms online about allergic reactions surfacing in the form of skin irritations, severe diaper rashes, even bleeding after weeks of using Pampers diapers. 

Tab closure on the Pampers Swaddlers Diaper
The tab closures were also hard and would get caught in ET's leg folds when removing the diaper. Maybe Pampers Swaddlers weren't the awesome diapers they seemed. 

The Solution

Changed Diaper Brands: Immediately, Huggies took the place of Pampers. The inside of Huggies diapers are smooth and though they don't hold all the solids towards the diaper, which means a little more wiping work during each change but no part of the diaper adheres to baby's skin.

Bathing the Bottom: After every diaper change for the first 24 hours after noticing the abrasion, we gave ET's lower bottom a bath in warm water to make sure there were no skin irritants left on his skin. There was noticeable improvement after every diaper change.

Changed from Commercial Wipes: Instead of using typical baby wipes, we moved to using paper towels, washcloths and bought a wipe warmer wipe dispenser to hold warm homemade wipes with water and coconut oil.

Vaseline: Instead of using diaper rash cream immediately in case diaper rash cream might irritate his skin further, especially seeing as there was a spot that was slightly bleeding, we implemented circumcision procedures until we were sure there was no blood coming out and no part of the diaper was sticking to his skin. Vaseline was used for about 12 hours after we found the skin irritation.

Diaper Rash Cream: After it was clear there was no bleeding and the diapers were not adhering to his skin, we switched over to using Desitin. Previously we used Beaudreaux's Butt Paste but it's really thick, hard to remove and stains cloth. Comparitively, Desitin is much more light weight and easy to wipe off which is much easier to use during the insane number of diaper changes during the newborn stage.

Within 24 hours, it was quickly healing. The pediatrician said that if it was improving, it was nothing to worry about. In 48 hours, it was almost completely healed. By 72 hours, no diaper rash cream was necessary.

Are your babies allergic to any mainstream products?

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