Building a Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe Spring

It's time to build a capsule wardrobe now that I'm out of maternity clothes. Since I'm new to the capsule game, I came up with a few guidelines to remember as I shop.

Spring 2016 Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe Guidelines 

1. All tops must be breastfeeding friendly. This basically relegates my option of tops to v-necks, drapey tops and button downs.

2. Buy at least one investment piece for the 3 month time frame. Due to planned postpartum weight loss, the investment pieces for April-June must be shoes, handbags or accessories.

3. Any dresses, tops or bottoms must be inexpensive fast fashion as I plan on dropping significant weight and most items will not be used for long.

4. Pick at least 2 items that are on trend and wearable for the season. My trend picks tend to run preppy classic. From Elle, white shirts, pleats, and blown out checks/plaids. From Marie Claire, graphic stripes. From Glamour, maxi dresses, lemon colors and prints, rocket prints, and Americana.

5. The budget for April is $300.

Shopping Notes

It was relatively difficult to find tops that met my breastfeeding needs while having different styles. I also have a large wardrobe that fits right now that will hopefully be too large within the next 3 months so I want to wear those clothes before my next smaller sized capsule round in July-August-September. I'm also going to be on maternity leave for the next 3 months so I don't need a huge wardrobe upgrade like I will when I go back to work. As a result, I ended up just buying a few things I really loved.  

Investment Pieces: 2 pairs of J Crew Cece Italian leather ballet flats. 

After going back and forth about whether or not to buy a pair of Tory Burch Revas or Tieks, I went back to my old favorite standby in ballet flats: the J Crew Ceces. After a bad run of poorly made Ceces, J Crew finally went back to the original design and manufacturing in Italy. I jumped at the chance when the $75 off of any $250 purchase promo came up. Actually, they run a 30% off promo all the time. These are inexpensive as investment pieces go but I know they'll last me year after year based on experience.

J Crew Cece Italian Leather Flats in Black: $128 or $98.50 after discount code.

J Crew Cece Italian Leather Flats in Burnt Sienna: $128 or $98.50 after discount code.

On Trend Fast Fashion: H&M tops and Fabletics gear.

After reviewing the trends for Spring/Summer 2016 from a handful of my favorite magazines, I decided on picking up a blown out plaid shirt in Americana colors and a graphic stripe tank. I also purchased a blue and white athletic outfit from Fabletics, which is reminiscent of softball, another nod to Americana. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the purchase so it is not pictured here but there is a link to a my review below.

H&M Blown Out Plaid Shirt: $24.99

H&M Graphic Stripe Tank: $7.99

Not pictured: Fabletics Cyclone Gear. $15.

Carry Overs From My Wardrobe. 

Along with packing up all my maternity clothes, I have culled my wardrobe down to the following items for the capsule.

Tops (13):  Chambray top, navy drape top, white linen pullover, ivory v-neck, white v-neck t-shirt, black v-neck t-shirt, grey v-neck t-shirt, lace mesh shell, gold cardigan, camel cardigan, black cardigan,

Bottoms (8): Striped navy and white skirt, a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a pair of regular wash skinny jeans, black stretch slacks, camel jeggings, black leggings, black maxi skirt, black linen shorts.

Dresses (2): Blue and red seahorse dress, chambray dress.

Jackets/Blazers (2): Military green surplus jacket, grey blazer.

Shoes (7): Lemon and canvas sandals, blush flats, navy buckled flats, nude heels, canvas oxfords, canvas boat shoes, red suede flats.

Any recommendations for my next capsule? 

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