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Every year, for the Hosh's birthday, we go camping.  I should explain, that we actually go glamping which generally means a ton of gear.  I worried, this year, that we wouldn't have space for all of Baby Buckshot's camping gear along with ours.  Turns out, with a few key purchases and a suitcase filled with his everyday necessities, babies don't need that much camping gear.  These are the items that really came in handy during our camping trip:

1. Cozy Cub Baby Bunting Snowsuit in Fleece. Since baby sleeping bags are a no due to suffocation risk, a snowsuit was my next best option. I found it best that it was hooded and had enclosed feet and hands too instead of trying to struggle with keeping a hat, socks and mittens on BB at any given time. On sale for $34.95 - One Step Ahead.

2. Britax B-Nimble Stroller. A lot of people suggested getting a camping high chair for BB but if he's anything like me, he's likely a little clumsy and prone to falling out of camping chairs (yes, this has happened to me) and I opted for a stroller instead. I figured, as long as he can sit in it and it is able to recline for potential nap times, it would be even better than a camping high chair. The B-Nimble folds down to about the size of a camp chair, has the functionality of a full stroller with the ease of an umbrella stroller. $89 -

3. Inglesina Fast Table Chair. The other option I bought instead of a camping high chair was this table chair.  It attaches to just about any table (including those with a lip), folds up small enough to put in a large diaper bag and allows baby to sit right at the picnic table with the rest of the diners. This chair is a dream at restaurants and came in very handy at the campsite.  It doesn't touch the ground either, which made post camping clean-up of this seat non-existent. $59 -

4. Beco Gemini Baby Carrier. A baby carrier is a MUST during camping.  Between hiking, camp work and just needing to keep baby close, I don't think I could have done it without a carrier.  I like the Beco Gemini (I will do a review in the future) and feel that a canvas soft structured carrier that is easy to clean is the best option for camping, especially if someone else is going to try carrying baby also.  Like dad, who might not want to wear a girly pattern while out in the great outdoors.  Prettier woven wraps may get snagged while roughing it also and canvas is oh so durable. $130 -

5. N'ice Caps Boys Sherpa Lined Micro Fleece Hat and Mitten Set with Ears. We were camping in the cold weather (it actually rained the first night) so having a fleece hat that velcroed in place under BB's chin was very helpful in keeping his hat in place. The mittens were also perfect for keeping his hands warm as the nights got colder before I would put him in his snowsuit.  In the summer, obviously this wouldn't be necessary, but a sunblocking hat would be. $11.99 -

6. Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen SPF 50 Spray 6 oz + Natural Insect Repellent. I like Babyganics for sunscreen regularly but didn't need DEET free insect spray until this camping trip.  Luckily, because the weather was wet and cold, there weren't many bugs but a summer camping trip would definitely warrant some insect repellent. Both sprays are very easy to apply and are fairly chemical free.  There are better options out there than this but they aren't readily available (Babyganics can be found at Babies R Us) and possibly not as effective. $16.99 -

I nursed BB all weekend so I didn't need it, but I also bought sterilizing wipes for bottles and pumps.  I made pretty specific clothing choices for Baby Buckshot too, which I might write about later in a camping clothing guide.

What other gear is there that would help make camping with a baby easier?

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