7 Stages of Postpartum Weight Loss

Did I mention that I'm preparing to TTC again?  Well, preparing I mean getting my body back into a shape just so I can wreck it again.

If there is a next pregnancy. 

*knock on wood*

*meditate to Buddha*

*do a rain dance*

Now that we're 6 months postpartum, like many new moms, I'm shifting gears towards health and weight loss.  Though I might not be mentally ready for another wee one, if my previous experience with a biological clock has taught me anything, that ticking starts quickly and gets unbearably loud faster than I can get my body ready for it.

I'm going to do this in stages.

Stage 1
Implement the least difficult changes. Like dieting but not really dieting it at all.
Get physically active at least once every other day.
Lament over how slowly the weight is coming off.

Stage 2
Backslide and reason that I'm not going to try to have another baby for at least a year and a half.

Stage 3
Panic that it's about to be swimsuit season and TTC weight loss be damned, it's now about the fear of looking like a hippo in the pool.
Implement dramatic unsustainable changes like raw foodism and juice fasting.

Stage 4
Realize that I'm not really going to drop all the weight in time for summer. 
Repeat Stage 1.

Stage 5
Incorporate more difficult diet changes like cutting out junk food.
Incorporate more physical activity in the form of more frequency or difficulty.
Pick up an athletic goal like a 5k.
Be happy that weight is coming off regardless of how slowly.

Stage 6
Achieve ideal weight through healthy eating habits and regular exercise.
Bask in the warmth of success.

Stage 7
Get pregnant again and eat all the things.

That's about right.

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