How To Pick a High Chair

I have been searching for a high chair since Baby Buckshot was just a few months old.  I've gone between wanting something that just attaches to an existing dining chair or to the side of the table to wanting a full blown all features high chair.

What am I going to do with a high chair?
-Put food in the snack tray so BB can eat snacks wherever I need him to be, like next to me while I'm working or in the kitchen while I'm cooking. (Means it needs wheels for mobility.)
-Pull up to the dining table so he can eat meals with us. (Means it needs to be adjustable height for different tables and removable tray.)
-Travel to different places with it, like on camping trips and vacations. (Means it needs to fold down portable enough to take on the go.)

What else is important to me in a high chair?
-Easy clean up in the form of removable and washable cushions and a dishwasher safe tray.
-Comfort for long periods of sitting.

But there are so many high chairs on the market, how do you wade through them?  Amazon doesn't give me the option to sort by functionality.  Enter

Plug in the features that are important and voila!  Top 3 picks that meet the criteria of Easy Cleaning, Foldable, Adjustable Seating, Removable Tray and Wheels.

Then, over to Amazon for product reviews and feature verification.

Graco Contempo Highchair: 4.5 stars by 79 customers. The worst review is about how hard it is to clean, how bad it smells, how ugly it is, and the footrest is not adjustable, and how cheap it seems.

Peg Perego Siesta Highchair: 4.5 stars by 51 customers. The worst reviews are about how the cushion is handwash only, the chair is not easy to move around,

Baby Trend Accent Lite High Chair: No reviews. Bizarre.

But what terrible results. With the except of the Peg Perego Siesta, all the options looked so cheap and unattractive. Turns out, a wood high chair was what I really wanted.  And then I consulted DH and he said that the only things that mattered to him was ease of use.  He also negated my idea of needing to travel with it (we have a Summer SuperSeat that converts to a booster for travel), and the need to roll it around because it would stay put at the dinner table. We have other things that BB can sit in if I need him to be next to be in another room. A high chair on wheels, DH reasoned, was less safe that one without. I went back to and changed my criteria.

Wood Frame, Easy Cleaning, Adjustable Seating and Removable Tray.

Hauck Alpha Chair: 4.5 stars of 19 reviews. The worst reviews state tray is hard to find (I was unable to find it from a reputable retailer online), the seat step is easily broken and the seat is poorly designed.

OXO Tot Sprout Chair: 4 stars of 222 reviews.  The worst reviews state water gets stuck in the tray, the tray is not machine washable,and differing opinions on how easy the chair and its cushions are to clean.

Svan Signet Complete High Chair: 3.5 stars of 36 reviews.  The worst review state that the wood is of poor quality and the tray is unsafe.  

After watching the OXO video on the Sprout Chair and seeing it in the Taupe/Walnut combination, I knew that was the perfect chair for us! 

What high chair did you choose?

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