5+ Baby Things I Wouldn't Buy Again

I used almost everything I bought or received, at least for a little bit, and almost everything made short moments in time easier, even the items that so many people think were a waste of money. 

Wipe warmer made BB  much  more pleasant to change in the early days. He would wail when a wet cold wipe hit his bottom. Diaper pail keeps the smell of dirty diapers out of the nursery (we even bought one for my mom's house for when she babysits) even though we cloth diaper 75% of the time.  The bassinet attachment for the stroller made it so easy to go out with BB when in the early days he would need to be changed every 30 minutes and cry if he had any wetness on his diaper at all (changing in the flat bassinet is much easier than trying to find a baby friendly bathroom while trying to get some errands done).

Why did you buy these things, Mommy?
Things I didn't feel were worth it at all:

1. Bottle warmer. We received a bottle warmer for the car. It actually plugs into the phone charger outlet! I BF, but when I pump and use a bottle, it's a Dr. Brown's glass bottle with silicone sleeve and it doesn't fit in the warmer.

2. Sleep sacks. I also have these Halo Sleep Sacks that were gifted to me. BB doesn't sleep in sleep sacks, he sleeps in sleep n plays. I don't think I really even understand sleep sacks because they seem like just a cloth bag for the baby.

3. Too many baby clothes.  And I was warned, repeatedly, that I didn't need that many.  I laughed and just knew it would be worth it when I saw my adorably dressed baby.  I was wrong.

The amount of baby clothes and baby shoes that were never worn or only worn once is pretty staggering.  If I had it to do over again, only one pair of casual shoes and one pair of dressier shoes in each size instead of 10 pairs of adorable shoes in one size. And less of every type of clothes.

4. Non-sleepy time bath products.  BB's bath and lotion are part of his bedtime routine and he falls asleep better with this organic lavender and chamomile based soap and lotion.  I don't even bother with any of the J&J standard products that were gifted to us.

5. Cheap sling, nursing pads, nursing bracelet, nursing cover. A lot of this stuff was "free" but pay for ridiculous shipping. Others I, I bought because it seemed like a good idea bu just didn't need.  The sling didn't actually fit right (I used the moby instead), I never had a leaking problem so all forms of nursing pads were a waste, and wtf who needs a nursing bracelet? But I didn't know that at the time and I never use a nursing cover.  I like to look at BB while he's eating and he hates his head being covered anyway.

What wouldn't you buy again?

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