My First Time Mom Moment in Memes

 I'm one of those First Time Moms (FTM) who would rather go to a medical professional than trust the internet.  I know, crazy right?

This past weekend, Baby Buckshot started making a gasping noise.

He seemed fine and was his usual active self.  Even laughing and smiling during gasping episodes.  I figured he was playing with a new sound. I listened for congestion, he was fine.  Totally not worried.

Then on Monday morning, one of his gasping periods ended with coughing. Then my scared mom gene kicks in.

We went to the pediatrician immediately to get him checked out.  A nurse brought in a blood oxygen meter. She tested him, got a 76 reading and said "That can't be right." She gets another nurse who comes in with another machine. The machine reads 81, and they both get more alarmed and say "That doesn't make sense."

 A third nurse comes in with another machine which gets a 100 reading and all the nurses calm down.  All but one leaves and says:
 Actually, she says, "Oh, he's fine.  Probably just overly excited."

Once I find out that there's absolutely nothing wrong with my baby, I take him to my mom's so I can go to work.  I tell her the story of what happened and then BB makes the gasping sound.  I exclaim, "It's that noise!"

My mom then tells me, "Oh... he might have learned that from me.  I make that sound to him sometimes and it makes him laugh."

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