Ikea for Tots

I have long been a fan of IKEA's business.  In college, I did a report on the genius of their store design forcing their customers to go through the entire showroom to see the products in action resulting in increased sales.  And who doesn't love an afternoon of Swedish meatballs and cheap home decor?  But up until 3 months ago, I never had the slightest interest in their children's offerings.

Fast forward to my last trip there, I only shopped the children's section which was conveniently located next to the meatballs.

Here is IKEA's statement on their children's toys:

"IKEA toys fulfil the following toy safety requirements around the world:
  • European Toy safety standard EN-71 (market with CE-label)
  • U.S.A Code of Federal Regulation 16, ASTM F963 and
  • Pennsylvania regulation for stuffed toys
  • Canada Hazardous Products (Toys) Regulation
  • Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS ISO 8124
  • China GB 6675
  • German requirements for saliva and sweat resistance
Because a child may place a toy in his or her mouth, the toy shall not contain harmful levels of toxic substances."
Here are my top picks from the kids section, Baby Buckshot approved:

1. MULA Stacking Rings. There are tons of stacking rings on the market, many of them are at least twice the price of this set.  BB has already taken to enjoying the colors and attempting to grasp at the rings. $5.99.

2. PYSSLINGAR Trunk. After looking high and low for a toy chest that would look cute in the nursery and not be a bang-his-head-on-a-hard-low-surface risk I found this soft trunk that was perfect. $19.99.

3. EKORRE Rocking Moose. I love love love rocking horses but you know what's better than a horse?  A moose of course.  This is pretty affordable by rocking horse standards and is a pretty shade of red to boot. $39.99

4. GULLEPLUTT Finger Puppets. The real reason I went to IKEA was to buy finger puppets because they're suggested as a part of baby play.  There are two varieties of finger puppets in the store but these are the better quality as they are actually stuffed and you can't beat the price. $0.99.

5. BRUMMA Bear. Ikea is currently filled with tons of stuffed animals.  They sell children's books and have the stuffed animals to accompany the story.  We showed every single stuffed animal in the store to BB and this is the one he laughed at repeatedly. Naturally, we bought it and he could care less about it now that it's home.  But I still think the bear is a winner because you can buy outfits for it, including an adorable raincoat and hat! $9.99

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