Babywise Scheduling at 2 months

Baby Buckshot turned 2 months yesterday while we were on vacation and since we've gotten the hang of breastfeeding and laying him down to sleep with mainly dream feedings at night, it's time to tackle his day schedule while before I go back to work in about a month.

I've read through most of Babywise and didn't feel comfortable trying out the scheduling concept when I was still having milk supply issues.  That, partnered with the frequent growth spurts in the first two months of baby's life, I just didn't have the mental fortitude to tackle the concept.

Today, however, I believe is the day.  2 months and 1 day old.

My goal for the next few days is to get him on the Eat-Awake-Sleep system by creating my own "Parent Led" schedule and tackling what I feel will be the real challenges: Keeping him awake during feedings and breaking him of needing to nurse before falling asleep.

Based on his "Child Driven" schedule, I know that he eats every 1-3 hours.  It seems a baby needs about 15 hours of sleep, 10 hours at night plus another 5 in naps. It takes him about 15-30 minutes to nurse to his satisfaction, depending on the speed of my milk flow.  I built a schedule around that.

Planned Schedule at 2 months

7am: Feed.
7:30am: Awake time and Baby Einstein.
8:30am: Nap.

10am: Feed.
10:30am: Awake time. Run errands if necessary.
12pm: Nap.

1:30pm: Feed.
2pm: Awake time and Activity Gym.
3:30pm: Nap.

5pm: Feed.
5:30pm: Awake time and Exercise.
7:00pm: Nap.

8:00pm: Feed.
9:00pm: Awake time, bath, lotion, body massage and Baby Mozart.
9:30pm: Nurse to sleep.

10pm to 7am: Sleep with dream feedings.

Updates to come. Wish us luck!

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