Birth Story: Part 1 - Pelvic Problems, Due Dates and a Bag of Waters


At my 36 week appointment, my OB, a previously gung-ho believer in me being able to have a vaginal birth despite what looked like a narrow birth canal, started to change her tune.  She had hoped that as the weeks progressed, my pronounced pubic bone would shift or that the baby would have enough space behind my pubic bone to descend.

I went proactively looking for a solution to my skeletal problem through walking, sitting on a birthing ball daily, doing hip circles, pelvic stretches, you name it.  I googled, binged and read everything I could on  I was determined.

By week 39, my cervix hadn't changed, my pubic bone was still in the way and my OB suggested that even if I wanted a vaginal labor, if when I went to the hospital and I had labored for a few hours without result, I should ask for a C-section.  There was no need to labor needlessly if the baby wasn't going to be able to descend; it would end in surgery anyway.

My due date, September 9, also happened to be a major work deadline for my Dear Husband, who asked that if there was anything I could do to put off labor until after September 9, he would really appreciate it.  As though I had any control over the situation.  But given that I was a first time mom, I assumed I would go over my due date by about a week.

And my due date came quietly and uneventfully.  DH went to work and came home.  We had dinner and went through our typical nightly routine.  At around 8pm, I felt a trickle of water on my leg and went to the bathroom.  Urinary incontinence?  That's odd, I've been doing my kegels.  So I hopped in an epsom bath to clean myself off and to stave off some the pregnancy swelling and felt a few more leaks. "Hmmm... maybe this isn't urine?" I thought to myself.

As I dried off from the bath, I went to DH and said, "We might need to take a trip to the hospital tonight.  I think I'm leaking amniotic fluid."

"Did you want to call ahead to the hospital?" he asked.

"I'm just going to sit down for an hour and wait and see if the fluid pools up and comes out in more of a gush before I call," I explained after placing a pad to catch the fluid, while I sat down for a game of League of Legends to wait.

An hour later, I stood up quickly and there was no gush.  "False alarm I guess," I told DH as I headed to the bathroom.  I sat on the toilet and urinated and then felt a gush of water come out in the toilet.  I wiped and checked the pad and saw tinges of pink and decided it was time to call the hospital. They confirmed I should go head into the hospital.

DH went to go load the car as I went to take another shower, do my make-up and hair and pack up some last minute items. We loaded Charlotte Bark the Corgi in the car, called my mom and went to go drop Charlotte off at her house.  By the time we got to the hospital, it was 11pm.

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