What To Pack: The Hospital Bag

After finishing our Childbirth Preparation Class, I decided to make my hospital bag checklist.  Here's a conversation I had with my mother about packing Hospital Bags:

Me: I'm going to pack my hospital bag this week.

Mom: Don't pack too much.  There will be no one to watch your stuff while you're sleeping.

Me: DH will be there while I'm sleeping.

Mom: What about when he goes to get food or coffee or something?

Me: There's room service.  Why would he have to leave?

Mom: To go out and get fresh air.  You know, he can't stay in the room all the time.

Me:  Why not?!  I'm going to!

And then I realized something very important.  Even my own mother has different standards for daddies and mommies. 

I'm going to pack a lot of stuff because I'd rather have something I need than send someone out to get it for me!

Here are a few other good resources for Hospital Packing Lists:

Packing list for the hospital or birth center 

Checklist: Packing a Hospital Bag

Hospital BagWhat to Pack

The Great Big Hospital Bag Packing List




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