Sciatic and Posterior Pelvis Pain

Pregnancy is a literal pain in the butt.

I've been having lower back pain intermittently throughout the entire pregnancy but last weekend, I overdid it at a Yard Sale and by the end of Sunday, I couldn't walk. (Bright side: We did sell a lot of stuff!)

It felt like a stabbing pain in my upper buttock and lower back.  Previously I had just assumed it was sciatic pain and when the back pain worsened on Sunday, I thought it was the same thing.

I got off my feet for most of the next day but the pain continued even when I would lay down and eventually, any movement in my leg would trigger the pain.  DH, who has had sciatic pain before, walked me through some sciatic nerve stretches to see if they would help and they most definitely made everything worse. 

After a bit more research, and a lot more pain, I found that my current ailment was probably  not Sciatica but more likely as Posterior Pelvis Pain.  As the Relaxin (the pregnancy hormone that causes joints to loosen) goes through the body, especially in the last trimester when the pelvis starts to open to make room for childbirth, the body can get misaligned and many pregnant women will experience Posterior Pelvis Pain.  Sciatic stretches will not help.

After calling Labor and Delivery (who told me Tylenol, a heat pack and staying off my feet should help) and contacting my OB (who offered to put me on bed rest so I could stay home from work), I realized they had no solutions.  I had to do something!

I made an appointment with a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy issues and a prenatal massage appointment with a therapist who specializes in third trimester prenatal massage.

Dr. Kam, of Kam Chiropractic, evaluated my pain, confirmed that it was pelvic related pain, did a couple of adjustments and recommended pelvic tilts to strengthen the muscles that would prevent further pain.  Within an hour, I was 80% recovered and able to walk with relatively little pain.

The next day, I had a pressure point prenatal massage that was supposed to release any residual stress on my joints.  I don't feel that was at all effective for pain management, though I did leave the massage relaxed. 

Many women swear by regular visits to the chiropractor during pregnancy to keep their sciatic and other back pain at bay.  Until this week, I was skeptical.  Now, I'm a believer!

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