Pregnancy Dreams Decoded

My mother has clairvoyant dreams.  She's dreamt about people being pregnant before they ever knew themselves.  She's dreamt of people who have passed away trying to communicate things that end up being true.  She dreamt about a little boy she didn't know following her around during a family party before she realized she was seeing her unborn grandson.  This was before we knew he was a boy.

Me?  My dreams are just a dumping ground for my subconscious.  They've gotten more vivid and focused on my marriage and baby during pregnancy.

Preterm Labor and Birth: An early dream I remember from 24 weeks was about dealing with my pregnancy discomfort.  DH, in the dream, told me to just take the baby out for a little bit to give myself a rest and that I could put him back in later.  I insisted that things don't work that way but dream DH assured me it would be fine.  I pulled the baby out and he was tiny.  I saw his face and a full head of hair and loved him instantly and then realized what a terrible thing I had done and started panicking because we should be in a hospital.  He's so early, he should be in a NICU.  He couldn't survive outside the womb.  But he was doing just fine, happy, smiling and laughing.

Meaning: I realized after I woke that I had that dream because I had hit the 24 week mark which meant that if something catastrophic were to happen and the baby needed to come out, he would have a high survival rate! Generally, however, dreams of preterm labor are the subconscious mind dealing with feelings of being unprepared for an upcoming event.


Cheating on DH: A recurring dream I have is about cheating on DH.  Or rather, getting close to cheating on DH.  Only in one dream did I actually cross the line and immediately had that "Omg, what have I done, I've ruined everything and my life is never going to be perfect again" feeling until I woke up.  It's never with the same person or anyone I actually know.  It's never really lusty, just guilt ridden.

Meaning: I know part of the cause of the dream is a change in our "marital" activities, or lack thereof, since I've been pregnant.  And another part is feeling guilty that I'm just not fulfilling my roles at home or at work because I'm so tired and uncomfortable. I honestly feel the dreams are less about the cheating and more about the guilt associated with it. 


Breastfeeding: Last night I had the most confusing and amazing dream. I dreamt that I was taking care of two children.  One was a little girl, probably close to 1 year old and the other was my baby, basically newborn.  They were both hungry and for some reason I had never breastfed.  So I went to breastfeed my son first and he immediately knew how to suckle but the breastmilk would squirt out in the wrong place so instead of it getting in his mouth, it sprayed everywhere. We finally got it so he was getting fed, which was amazing, but I had this nagging guilty feeling about not feeding him sooner and being upset that he was probably hungry for a very long time before I finally fed him.

Meaning: In my Birth Club, a lot of women have started leaking colostrum or breastmilk while I'm worried that my milk won't come in.  My mom didn't breastfeed and I worry that as a result, my body doesn't know what it's supposed to do.  I have a feeling that the little girl was me when I was a baby, not getting breastfed, and the dream was to reassure me that though I might not get breastfeeding right off the bat, I will eventually get it and it'll all be worth it.

Pregnancy dreams.  Pretty inevitable considering how much time I spend sleeping.

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