Babymoon at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach

I knew that the Babymoon would be good for our marriage but I didn't expect that it would show us just how ready we are for parenthood.  Along with all of those surges of love and affection that come with a little couple's getaway, I had nostalgia over the fleeting simplicity of our current life and a longing to share our vacation experience with the Little One. 

Pregnancy is an interesting ride.

DH and I decided on the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach (HRHB) for our babymoon because it was close enough to home so I could see my OB and go to my hospital of choice if something were to happen but also enclosed and resort-like enough to feel far away from home.  Having a pregnancy friendly spa and amenities didn't hurt either.

Here are some of my favorite things at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach!

Pacific Waters Spa: The Mommy To Be Massage is well worth the trip to this resort!  They're equipped to do stomach down massage and side massage using various combinations of prenatal massage pillows.  Unfortunately, since I'm having side pain and can't stay in one laying position for too long, I didn't get the best massage experience.  I did leave very relaxed and ready for a great weekend but feel like the prenatal massage is better suited for earlier in pregnancy before one is too uncomfortable.  The Pacific Waters Mommy To Be massage, however, is the best prenatal massage I've had during my whole pregnancy.

The amenities, like steam room, sauna and spa are not allowed during pregnancy but the waiting room features a relaxing environment, complimentary tea, flavored waters, baked goods, fruit, snacks and all the women's magazines a girl could want.  

Property Pools: There are multiple pools with their own "personalities" in the resort.  My favorite was the saltwater pool as it was large, easy on the skin and mainly geared towards adults.  DH loved Slyder's pool area because it had a water-slide area as well as a ribbon pool and very fast cocktail service.  Since being pregnant put the water-slide and alcohol off limits, this pool area just seemed crowded with children and people partying in cabanas to me.

Until a little toddler, accompanied by his father, looked at DH and I and joyfully jumped into the pool towards his father's arms repeatedly as if to entertain us.  He was adorable and made me look forward to a trip like this with a baby of our very own.

Huntington Beach Bridge: One of the many perks of staying at the HRHB is the private bridge from the resort to the beach that includes an amenities stand that lends towels, beach chairs, umbrellas and toys to hotel guests.  Instead of having to lug equipment from home for a comfortable beach experience, the hotel provides it all from a convenient place.

DH and I agreed it was nice to have such a carefree experience as we're sure all future beach trips will require a wagon full of baby supplies.

We'll have to wait another 18+ years, if ever, to just be able to take off for the beach with nothing but our swimsuits, towels and chairs and enjoy an order of chili cheese fries from the snack stand on the sand, without worry about a Little One.

Fire Pits and S'mores Kits: Throughout the property, there are fire pits and fire place lounges scattered for guests to have a place to hang out, chat and enjoy the renewing energy of a fire.  Is there anything better than a bonfire at the beach?

Yes, s'mores at a bonfire at the beach.

Lucky for us, easily located near the fire-pits and available through room service, s'mores kits complete with dowels to hold the marshmallows, were available for purchase!  Genius!

Tower 15 Pizzeria: The night before we left for the babymoon, I had a dream about eating pizza in bed.  This is bizarre because I don't love pizza, nor do I like to eat in bed. But I could not shake the pizza craving so for dinner the first night, DH and I split a pizza.  Tower 15 will deliver pizza to anywhere on the property, even to Slyder's Pool, and allows for splitting toppings on the pizza.  California Veggie for me, Meat Lover's for him.

For the record, we ate on the balcony, not in bed.

The Red Chair Lounge: Prior to pregnancy, I enjoyed quite a few inventive cocktails at this lounge.  Between the cigar selection, nightly live entertainment, scotch and wine options, gastropub type finger foods and the game room, Red Chair Lounge is the late night hotspot at the Resort.

DH and I ducked in after dinner for a couple of rounds of tabletop shuffleboard. He's surprisingly good, even with a few drinks in him.  

If I hadn't been so sleepy, we would have played some pool and hung out by the fire and enjoyed the view but my party energy isn't what it used to be.

The Californian Restaurant: Hands down, one of my favorite things to do while on vacation is eat.  No vacation is complete with a high end meal that leaves me with a positive food memory.  This is why it was so important for me to delay my trip until after my severe morning sickness went away!
At HRHB, there are two fine dining options: The Californian and The Patron Room.  
We opted for the Californian because I didn't think a Chef's Menu at the Patron Room would work for me while pregnant with so many food restrictions. 

Plus, what's a Chef's Menu without being able to drink the wine pairing?  Nothing but sadness I say. 

The Californian is open all day and has a seasonal menu.  We had both dinner and Sunday Brunch and both were phenomenal.  I feel the need to emphasis how good their burrata and heirloom tomato caprese salad was despite DH's insistence that it was far too small for a salad. 

We found that on Sunday morning, the best value at the resort was the Sunday Brunch.  Even without the mimosas and Bloody Mary bar, the selection of made to order omelets, waffle bar and other breakfast goodies was quite impressive.  As it should be since Huntington Beach is home to many a popular Sunday Brunch at Spark, Duke's and the Hilton.

We had a relaxing little getaway to remember our pre-baby life and geared up to prepare for post-baby adventures!

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