Weird But Pregnant: Pregnant Bikini Contest

Today, my friend from San Diego informed me that he recently went to a Pregnant Bikini Contest thrown by his DJ friend's radio station. I thought he was joking until he showed me the pictures.

 Now, I always thought the girls who do things like wet t-shirt contests, bikini contests or lingerie contests at bars had to be pretty drunk to be willing to strut their stuff in front of a crowd of drunk people but pregnant women? They've got to be sober right?

The winner of the contest is crowned Missed Period of the year and they win $1,000 plus a free photoshoot. You know, to capture how awesome they look pregnant in a bikini. Now these women must be blessed with no stretch marks, relegating the possible contestants to a fairly small population of pregnant women.

And I reasoned this is a pretty funny idea, probably a one time joke or something. No, it's in it's 17th year! They found 17 years worth of contestants for this insanity. This particular year's contest even ended in a chick fight!

The winning contestant's Baby Daddy's current girlfriend went to the contest to heckle her boyfriend's Baby Mama. When she won, the only reasonable response to the heckling was for Missed Period 2013 to throwdown in physical violence, tiara, pregnant belly and all. With any luck, the child from the first year's contest winner will be the winner of next year's contest. You know, the circle of life and all.

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