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My anatomy scan won't be for another 2 days so I thought I'd mock up a nursery idea before finding out the baby's gender.  I have considered just going in a unisex direction, regardless of the results of the gender, so that we can reuse a lot of the nursery decor for the next baby and to avoid those pesky gender roles.

DH and I have tossed around the idea of a nerdy nursery theme like Super Mario Bros (Mario/Luigi skewed if a boy or Princess Peach skewed if a girl) but I don't know that I want to sit in a video game set in the middle of the night while breastfeeding and sleep deprived.  We also considered a Dr. Who theme, complete with a Tardis and a crack in the wall but we all know that would just take too much timey wimey.

Here is my Unisex Nursery Decor detail:

1. Land of Nod Letter Garland:  This adorably customizable letter garland can spell out anything from "Welcome Home Little Bean" or you know, the baby's actual name.  Unless the baby's name is Little Bean, then my original wording recommendation stands. $17.

2. Pottery Barn Kids Numbered Pulls. I found them online and they might be discontinued but I love these number pulls.  I'd like to add them to the Malm Dresser from IKEA to make it a little more nursery friendly.

3. IKEA Malm Dresser. This seems to be the modern nursery's staple.  It's clean lines, easily customizable face (see the PBK Numbered Pulls above) and low price makes it a go to choice for a lot of families. $139.

4. Grey and White Chevron Rug.  I'm on the fence about putting a rug on the carpet but this chevron pattern would add a much needed pop to the otherwise design neglected floor. Plus, it's easier to wash and sanitize a carpet than constantly shampoo the carpet in the Little One's room right?  $140.

5. CB2 Knit Poufs. I'm going to let you in on a little secret.  I was thinking about knitting my own poufs so I can get them in the colors I wanted until I found out that to buy the yarn and stuffing, invest the time in learning how to properly tension my knitting and build the loom would far out-price the cost of me just heading over to my local CB2 and buying them.  And turns out CB2 does make them in the colors I want. Lucky day. $90.

6.babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib. Don't think it's all about looks with this mid century crib.  No, it's also lead and phthalate safe and has a non-toxic finish.  Ok, you got me, the modern grey color with the whimsical design doesn't hurt either.  $399

7. Klaussner Tufted Rocking Recliner. I'm not 100% in love with this recliner but I do want a rocker recliner in cream or white for the nursery.  It seems like a pretty tough category to fill since so many recliners are butt ugly.  This one makes me want to vomit the least.  $420.

8. Frandsen Pendant Lights. Pairing 3 of these lights over the a recliner that doesn't make me vomit would be the cat's pajamas. Forget chandeliers in the nursery, ball pendant lights in bright poppy colors add the perfect punch for baby's bedroom. $91 each or $273 as displayed.

9. Children's Book Covers in Album Frames. I debated myself over and over again about the wall decor of the nursery.  Wall stencils?  Wallpaper? Paint effects?  Wall decals?  The options are endless.  But what would be just perfect?  A wall filled with album covers first filled with covers of our favorite children's books. As the baby grows, the contents of the frames can change.  $16 each or $192 as displayed.

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