First Trimester Purchases

In going with traditional Chinese superstition, I resisted the urge to buy things for the baby but as my first trimester proved to be uncomfortable, I had to pick up a few essentials. 

1. Jumper Prenatal Heart Listener/Detector. This is also known as a fetal heart doppler.  This is really a must have for anyone who has previously suffered a loss.  Being able to hear the heartbeat at around 10 weeks, between doctor's visits, especially when it's too early to feel any movements did a lot for my peace of mind.

There are other dopplers that will do things like track the Beats Per Minute of the heartbeat, compare records, or are hospital grade which allows for better detection of the heartbeat.  Those are higher in price and weren't necessary for me.  I just wanted to be able to check in and make sure all was well with the little bean. $28.18 at Amazon.

2. Nursing Bras.  I was told that my cup size would change wildly between pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Well, I ended up needing new bras pretty early on in my first trimester as I had gone up a cup size. Instead of buying regular bras, however, I opted for nursing bras so that I would have a large number and variety of them by the time breastfeeding and constant bra changes from leaking milk became an issue.

Walmart had the cheapest bras but they aren't very flattering.  Target had great bras that were very flattering but a little pricier.  Neither were nearly as expensive or comfortable as my typical Victoria Secret bras. $9.00 for two at Walmart.

3. Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. There are things people don't tell you about pregnancy.  Like how in the first trimester, there is no glow.  There is merely dryness and sometimes itchiness.  And the dryness doesn't just apply to skin, it goes deep into nostrils and eyes.  A good humidifier helped me tremendously. $45.36 at Amazon.

4.  Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow. I used to sleep on my back.  And my stomach.  Sometimes my sides. But because of the Vena Cava, that blood pathway that helps get blood to the Little Bean, left side sleeping is optimal.  After a couple of uncomfortable nights trying to force myself into a left side sleep position, I gave up and bought the Snoogle.  It is by far my favorite First Trimester purchase.  It feels like being cuddled to sleep with the perfect amount of neck/shoulder support. A must have for those who don't naturally side sleep. $47.09 at Amazon.     

5. New Chapter Perfect Prenatals. There are a lot of prenatals out there that make women sick.  So sick in fact, they opt not to take prenatals at all.  These are the only ones that didn't make me sick and didn't require me to eat a meal when at the time I take them since they are made from whole foods already.  They are also organic and gluten free which makes them accessible for everyone!  And if you join Amazon Mom, you'll get 20% off when you order them via Subscribe & Save. $45.29 at    

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