Maternity Rings: The Solution to Swollen Fingers

Today, at 4 weeks and 5 days, I bought a pregnancy ring to take the place of my wedding ring and engagement ring. Why?  Because I know from my last pregnancy that my digits are about to blow up like sausages.

I thought about putting my engagement and wedding ring on a necklace but a few years ago I lost a diamond solitare necklace at the beach.  I'm three times as forgetful now so I can't imagine not losing my rings this way.

I thought about getting my ring resized but the last time I had my wedding ring resized the inlaid diamond settings became loose and I lost a few diamonds.

So, the solution is obviously to lock up my current rings and use the pregnancy as an excuse to get a whole new ring!  Here are a few rings I've thought about before settling on the Trinity Ring.

Dior Oui Ring.  This has developed into an entire line of bands and engagement ring diamond settings. The price has increased over the years keeping pace with the increase in gold prices.  $650 (the last time I checked.)

Cartier Trinity Ring.  I have thought about getting this ring since we were planning our wedding.   It's both classic in style and versatile in color.  They've extended the line to bracelets and necklaces and now have black and white gold options as well.  $1,000.

Facets Maternity Ring. Turns out some jewelers are cashing in on this swollen fingers problem by developing maternity rings.  Facets makes the rings in 2 different colors (pink and blue) and a few different settings.  I didn't pick pink because I know anything about the gender but because I didn't like the look of blue. $1,533.

Paloma Sugar Stacks Ring. Each ring can be purchased individually and stacked to maximize the chunkiness.  Stacking this many rings normally isn't my style but it's so playful and what better time to take fun loving fashion choices? $600.

I know, I know, it's ludicrous to spend on a temporary ring when we should be saving up for the baby.  There's childcare, college funds and other related expenses to worry about.  But DH said, "Pick something you can pass down to our children.  Or buy a knock-off."

Solutions; that man is full of them.

Note:  These posts have been delayed because we have waited to announce our pregnancy until after the first trimester.

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