I Drank Pickle Juice

DH has taken to following me around the house.  I believe it's a combination of wanting to help me with anything I need (reaching high places, lifting heavy things, opening stuck jars) and a genuine curiosity of what I'm going to eat.

For instance, last night ( 4 weeks and 4 days into my pregnancy) I decided a tuna salad sandwich just sounded AMAZING.  It didn't seem odd to me since tuna salad is fairly common.  But DH reminded me that I never make tuna salad, nor do I ever order it when it's an option.  Point taken.

But what did surprise me was that in opening the pickle jar, I thought that a little of pickle juice would taste pretty good so I poured an ounce or so into a goblet.  When I took a sip, DH's eyes popped out of his head, he whipped out his iPhone and snapped a picture of the first visible signs of weird pregnancy food cravings.

For the record, pickle juice is delicious.  Like having a cocktail without the alcohol.

Note:  These posts have been delayed because we have waited to announce our pregnancy until after the first trimester.

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