8 Week Appointment


Last year, DH and I switched over to Kaiser Permanente from Healthnet because I was expecting to under IUI since we were approaching 2 years with no results.  After comparing benefits between the different insurance companies we found that Kaiser does unlimited IUI under our plan so we switched.

Low and behold, before the end of the year before the switch to Kaiser went into effect at the beginning of the year, we were pregnant.  No IUI needed.  But we had already switched to Kaiser.  I had not done any research about Kaiser's actual prenatal care since I was so obsessed with fertility treatments!

Kaiser doesn't schedule the first doctor's appointment before 8 weeks!  During my last pregnancy, I had already seen my doctor at 4 weeks to confirm the pregnancy and by 7 weeks had miscarried and scheduled a D&C.  A lot can happen in 8 weeks and I was extremely paranoid from my previous miscarriage.

Luckily, when I arrived at my first appointment, everything went so extremely efficiently.  Here are the highlights:

-No wait time!  My old OB/GYNs (I have been through a few because I am one of those annoying patients who will leave a practice if I don't like the doctors or staff) have always had at least a 10-15 minute wait even with an appointment.  At Kaiser, it's a well oiled machine.  I went from checking in to starting my exam in 5 minutes!

-My new OB was patient in answering questions, didn't feel rushed at all and was extremely calming.

-She also recommended that I try natural/vaginal birth.  I explained that previous doctors had suggested c-sections because of my narrow birth canal.  She explained that what is narrow now can completely change towards the end of pregnancy and that many OBs suggest c-sections in order to avoid middle of the night calls and manage their patient load.  It's easier for them to schedule c-sections than deal with the unpredictable nature of natural birth.  She, on the other hand, feels that elective c-sections are unnecessary surgeries in many modern cases.  I was thrilled to hear that.

-Turns out that the OB/GYN services at Kaiser in Orange County is ranked top in Southern California! This is an instance that I lucked out with good care without doing my prior research.

-We heard and saw the baby's heartbeat.  It was the most amazing thing ever.  I didn't get to that point in my last pregnancy so this was monumental.  My OB also told me that since there was a heartbeat, my risk of miscarriage dropped to below 10%.  I almost cried.

All and all, my first OB appointment with Kaiser was a wonderful experience and I even got baby's first picture!  This is it ya'll.  I'm baking a bun!

Note:  These posts have been delayed because we have waited to announce our pregnancy until after the first trimester.

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