New Doctor, Scarier Day

After my doctor fiasco and my immediate need for Clomid because I have run out of patience, I went to an interim doctor.  As in an OB/GYN that I will likely only visit once between now and when my insurance switches over to Kaiser.  She, however, voiced some of my greatest fears.

In order to diagnose why I'm not a mommy yet, she went through the gambit of questions:

Are you charting your temperature?  Yes, daily like clockwork. 

Do you know when you're ovulating? It's been fluctuating since I did some traveling the past couple of months.  Anywhere from 10 to 25 days into my cycle, I get a dip and then a temperature increase. I am using OPKs to confirm ovulation though.

Are you having intercourse during your ovulation?  Yes, one day before, the day of and the day after.

Well then I don't know why you haven't gotten pregnant.  I'm going to prescribe you Clomid and if you haven't gotten pregnant in 3 cycles, we'll have to run tests to see if there is uterine scarring or blocked tubes as a result of the miscarriage and D&C. *cue crashing sounds* Do you really think there could be damage from the D&C?


When I had my D&C, it was because I had started spotting and then bleeding.  The ultrasound showed based on the size of the fetus that I had miscarried 2 weeks before but my body hadn't registered it so everything remained in my uterus.  The D&C was to happen within a few days of discovering the miscarriage and I had slowly started to bleed as though it was a regular menstrual cycle.

After my D&C my doctor had noted that it seemed that I had passed all the tissue and I should have told him.  How was I supposed to know that I passed all the tissue?  I was still bleeding and he didn't tell me what to look for anyway.

He had me back in his office a couple of weeks later for a follow up where my hcg levels were still unusually high for post miscarriage bloodwork.  I was tested again a couple of weeks later and my levels went back to normal.  My doctor recommended I take a 6 month break and then come back for a check-up and then start trying again.

He retired slightly before those 6 months were up. 


Now that the interim doctor has worries of scar tissue and blocked fallopian tubes in my head, I'm worried that my D&C has rendered me permanently infertile. My heart sank and depression set in.

What if this isn't just a little detour in my journey?  What if this is the end?

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