Making Babies: A Proven 3-Month Program for Maximum Fertility

After my scary day at the doctor's, when I finally snapped out of my funk I went and picked up a few new books and a slew of fertility friendly supplements.  Basically, I spent mad cash to feel like I had some kind of control over the situation.

But this Making Babies book, written by a Western fertility specialist and an Eastern fertility specialist, was the best book I've read so far.  After reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility, what so many women consider the bible of infertility (not so much), Making Babies was a welcome breath of fresh air.  It made it clear that many unexplained infertility issues can be resolved, but more importantly, that one little change can make a world of difference.  Anything from unidentified infections to intercourse position changes have helped many patients go for unexplained infertility to the birth of healthy babies.

The book breaks monthly cycles into Menstruation, Pre-Ovulation, Ovulation and Implantation.  The authors recommend diet changes, exercises and massages based on cycle phases because the body's needs vary based on each phase. 

In addition, there are checklists that help the reader identify which of the 4 types of infertility the reader has and natural treatment based on type. This portion veers more heavily towards Eastern medicine, recommending many of the same things that my Acupuncturist/Eastern Fertility Specialist advised but with more detail.

This is the most comprehensive book I've read so far explaining in detail the various questions I've had, easing my fears and renewing my hope in successful baby making.  

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