I Am Done With My Current OB/GYN Office

I have been avoiding going to my OB/GYN.  Mainly because I think they doesn't give a damn about whether or not I get pregnant as long as they get a co-pay.   It's a husband and wife team that took over the office from a kind hearted, excellent OB/GYN who had retired.  The previous doctor was excellent and I was disappointed when his practice was sold to this couple.

The last time I went to this doctor's office I had a 20 minute wait in the waiting room, then another 20 minute wait for the female doctor to come in and talk to me while I was already in the room and another 20 minutes wait between the talk and the actual exam.  It had taken so long between between the talk and the exam that one of the nurses came in convinced that my appointment was over. 

And when I told the nurse that I hadn't had my exam yet she insisted that I had.  I explained that the Doctor just asked me to disrobe and change into the flimsy paper exam clothes and I was waiting for her to return she insisted AGAIN that my exam was over.  Then she yelled to the Doctor across the hall in Vietnamese (which I understand) "Her exam is over right?"  The Doctor said "No," and finally came in 5 minutes later to perform my exam.

Then, I asked her to run some additional blood work per my Eastern Fertility Specialist's request, she said she would run all the tests on the list but when I got the results, she had only run a fraction of them. 

While I was checking out with the front desk, I heard her on the phone with her husband arguing about who should go see a patient who had been waiting the whole day to be sent home at the hospital.  The patient couldn't leave until she was seen by her OB/GYN and here the couple of doctors were arguing over the phone about how neither one could do it because they were both so busy with patients between their two offices.

I don't want to be waiting in the hospital after surgery or childbirth because my doctor can't appropriately schedule their time.

Plus, the first time I had an appointment at this office, the husband did the exam and he brought in some creepy student that was shadowing him. As if a pap smear with a male OB/GYN was uncomfortable enough, he's got a side kick and the requisite female attendant to make sure there's no funny business.  That's an audience of 3 people in my first appointment with the new doctor and they didn't even ask if it was ok for the student to be there.  Augh.

The female doctor did recommend a prescription for Clomid since I had hit the year mark and I told her I'd hold off and call her if I changed my mind. When I called today to see if she could just send the prescription to my pharmacy and I would pick it up and I'm told that she no longer works in that office and I'll need to come in for a whole new exam.  As though they can't just look at my file?!

I'm done.  I have an appointment with a new OB/GYN next week. 

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