What to Eat While TTC and Gluten Free


Supplements and vitamins aside, there's a general consensus about what someone should eat while trying to get pregnant.  It's pretty much the same thing a woman should eat while pregnant. (And not the Britney Spears kind of pregnancy diet of 7 Eleven food.)

But a gluten free TTC diet, this is a new revelation in fertility foods. (For more information, go here.)

Going gluten free isn't actually difficult, it's just not convenient.  Saying goodbye to all the typical junk food, quick eats and restaurant meals means that almost every meal has to be planned.  Seriously? Yes. Seriously. But there's a bright side: Built-in crap filter.

For instance, there's cake in the breakroom at work?  No cake for the G-Free gal.  At least, not any cake that doesn't come from a gluten free bakery or is made at home. Pizza, Cheetos and dip at a party?  Oh no, not without personally making it or seeing the packaging to read the ingredients. Quick bite at a restaurant? Not unless a call is made ahead to make sure they have G-Free options.  If they don't even understand the word gluten, their establishment is not an option.

Yes, I have become one of "those" people.  Correction, DH and I have become two of "those" people.  Yes, TTC diets are not just for the woman.  Gluten issues in men can also cause infertility.

Once fully resigned to the idea that it's just simpler and more delicious to eat at home, it gets pretty simple. Then the only real problem is the time it takes to cook every meal and snack.  Oh, did I forget to mention snacks?

Apparently my method of going for 5-6 hours without a meal was a problem too.  A TTC body needs to be fueled like an athlete's: once every couple of hours to prevent the body from using it's resources for anything other than reproductive functions.  Or in the case of athletes, actual muscle building.

Here's a guideline:

Gluten Free TTC Meal Guidelines
Breakfast: Protein, a cup of fruit and a serving of vegetables.
Snack: A handful of nuts or an egg with fruit.
Lunch: Lean protein with a gluten free carb and 2 servings of vegetables.
Snack: 2 servings of fruit.
Dinner: Lean protein with 3 servings of vegetables.
8 glasses of water per day.

What's your TTC diet?

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