She Tried For 3 Years

I was at a Labor Day party on Sunday and was talking to a new mom (5 weeks) and bonding over 100Agave, this gluten free, vegan, caffeine free, agave sweetened soda that's only 100 calories a bottle, and she started telling me about her fertility story.  This whole sober partying thing isn't half bad, especially when there's at least one other person there who isn't taking shots of tequila.

There's something about hearing that another woman is having similar problems doing what we always thought our bodies should just be able to do naturally.

Anyway, when she was 14 she had an ovarian cyst that had to be removed.  5 years ago she had fibroids. When she started trying 3 years ago, she knew there would be challenges.  Hoping that nature would take its course, she and her husband just had unprotected sex for the entirety of their marriage.  Finally, after deciding to get serious about it, she bought some ovulation prediction kits and the next month she was pregnant.

Can it really be that simple?  I bought some OPKs early last week.  I hope it is.

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