Pre-Seed: Acceptable Lubrication Aid


This post is a little weird for me to write.  I'm not usually one of those ladies who goes to things like Adult Toy Parties.  My Bachelorette Party was relatively penis shape free.  My Bridal Shower was appropriately un-risque. So here's an awkward attempt at talking about lube.

Turns out, lubrication is a typical bedroom mainstay.  Like not at all kinky. Ok, sometimes kinky, unless you're trying to conceive, then it's down to the science of it all. Lubrication is needed to get the sperm to the egg.  The right kind is key.

You see, All Lubrication Is Not Created Equal.

I always thought that as long as the lubricant didn't have spermicide and was water based it would be fine.  Oh so wrong I was. Turns out that a lot of the typical lubricants like Astroglide and KY or even saliva can be causing what couples think are fertility issues.

What?  Even though some doctors recommend the use of lubricants to combat vaginal dryness? Is this why Clomid isn't always working for everyone?  (Clomid causes vaginal dryness in some users that must be supplmented with some form of lubrication.)

Yes, it turns out that some lubricants can be too thick for the sperm to get through.  Other lubricants are too low in pH to achieve the ideal 7.0 to 8.5 pH level sperm can survive in. Water based lubricants often use glycerin which is toxic to the little swimmers. The acid in saliva also causes sperm death.

Upon reading this news I immediately felt like I knew nothing about fertility.  Seriously, something as simple as lube could be standing between me and my baby?  But if I don't have enough lubrication it won't work either? BLAH.

So what do we use?  My doctor recommended Pre-Seed. It's an usually expensive lubrication ($21.99 for 9 applications or $2.44 a use), tested to ensure proper pH, keep sperm alive and to mimic natural vaginal secretions.  I've read tons of positive feedback about this product from numerous women with Big Fat Positives (BFP.)

How's that for sexy?

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