How Far Would You Go?

My husband often teases me what he would call my impressionable mind.  He is stubborn as a mule and has to come to things on his own, first, as in before anyone else.

Me?  I'm willing to try most things to see if it works for me.  And if the wisdom of someone else with more experience can help me get to where I want to go faster, I'm going experience it for myself to see if they're right or not.

When the idea of going gluten free crossed my computer screen and was reaffirmed by my fertility specialist, I had no problem hopping right on board.  DH, on the other hand, was unconvinced. Did I say unconvinced, I mean unwilling to hop on on the G-Free wagon with me.

fast forward a few weeks, DH and I both got tested for fertility purposes.  Unfortunately, DH's results came back with some morphology issues, specifically in the shape of the head.  My results came back normal but I am going back to get progesterone testing done.

Now, he's gluten free too on the off chance that that will improve our fertility chances.

It always astounds me when I have conversations with women (mostly via the ttc forums) where they've been TTCing for years but still drink alcohol.  Or when fellow TTCing women say "I don't think I could go gluten free." Or "I can't give up my morning coffee."

To that I say, how badly do you want it?

I'm pretty much willing to do anything by way of natural fertility to try to have this baby.  Clomid and some other treatments are giving me pause because they just circumvent whatever is wrong in my body causing the infertility issues. But if my natural methods don't work within the next 3 months, I'll go on Clomid too.

But not being willing to give something up in order to try to get pregnant and have a healthy baby?  I consider this a primer on motherhood.

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