An Ideal Day in the Life of TTC

You know what I thought would be a great idea while TTCing?  Getting a puppy. Yes, fitting in feedings, potty breaks, play time and obedience training seemed like a good idea while undertaking Eastern fertility treatments on top of my long work schedule and active social life.

There are totally enough hours in the day, said no one ever.

But how can you turn down a smile like this?

DH truly believed that getting me a puppy would help me "Take It Easy," (his mom's frequent suggestion).  He was right.  I don't stress so much about trying to juggle everything.  I just do it.

Our social life is currently non existent because neither of us are drinking or eating gluten.  But hey, those extra hours had to come from somewhere!

Luckily, 3 weeks into being a puppy mommy, I've finally figured out a schedule that works  for little Charlotte Bark (see here) and an ideal schedule for me to strive for in regard to my fertility.

The big new integration is going to be adding back in my gym time.

Ideal Day
6:00am: Take temperature.
6:05am: Ovulation Test and belly ointment rub.
6:15am: Royal Jelly and a glass of water.
7:00am: 30 minutes of walking or yoga.
8:15am: Breakfast, supplements, prenatals and a huge glass of water.
11:00am: Snack. Huge glass of water.
1:30pm: Lunch. Huge glass of water.
4:00pm: Snack.  Huge glass of water.
5:30pm: Either Acupuncture or 45 minutes at the gym.  Swim, hot tub, steam room, sauna.
7:00pm: Dinner.
10:00pm: Sleep.

Do you feel like TTC is taking over your daily schedule?  What does yours look like?

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