New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamin


DH almost spit out his drink when I told him I bought $80 prenatals. 
To my credit, I had to have the prenatals immediately and I was already at Sprouts Farmer’s Market stocking up on gluten-free food and it happened to be on sale for $60 and then the nice Sprouts lady gave me an additional coupon for $6 off!  That’s cheaper than Amazon! I’m practically spaving!
What’s the big deal about these vitamins?  
Well first, they can be taken on an empty stomach.  This, to me, is huge.  With my old Nature’s Way or whatever they sell at Target, if my breakfast wasn’t big enough I would get nauseous. Which isn’t too bad except during my Two Week Wait I would think it was possibly morning sickness.  But it never was because it was actually just a prenatal vitamin that was too rough on my system.
Second, it’s derived from whole food! Ok, so my fertility specialist is a little… granola. She personally endorses this vitamin because her concern is with chemically derived vitamins and cheap fillers.  The whole food thing also helps with the whole easy-on-the-stomach bit mentioned above.
Third, it contains probiotics support which helps prevent yeasty issues during hormone fluctuation.  
Lastly, the recommended dose is 3 pills spread throughout the day.  This is specifically so that our bodies can absorb all the nutrients better than taking all of them at once in a mega pill and then peeing out yellow vitamins because our bodies weren’t able to process them all. 
Would you spend 80 on a two month supply of vitamins?

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