Trying Again


I’ve been thinking a lot about J and I trying to conceive again.  My OB suggested we wait at least 3 months, preferably 6 months before trying again but it seems the generally safe consensus is to wait until 3 cycles have passed. 
Though I have heard from a number of Fitblr mommies that conceived very quickly after a miscarriage and went on to have beautiful healthy babies (lucky!), I decided to heed my doctor’s orders and wait the 3-6 months.  In part because I’m overly cautious but also because I wasn’t in a position where if I did get pregnant again that I wouldn’t be a constant nervous wreck. Also in part because I was really near depression level sad for a really long time and it wasn’t until recently that I feel like myself again.
For about 3 months, nothing in my preconception plan got done. I just didn’t have the will. And now, my third cycle is coming up. I’m ready to try again.  J is more anxious than I am to try again. 
But I haven’t been focused on losing weight (I have been maintaining my pre pregnancy weight loss of 8 lbs), I haven’t been taking folic acid (even though my OB told me I should before trying again), and I don’t have the baby’s room prepared at all.
Here is my pre-conception checklist:
Diet & fitness
[  ] Lose 15 lbs
[  ] Get on Folic Acid
[  ] Balance out diet
[X] Get moving
[  ] Start weaning yourself off alcohol
[  ] Scale back on extreme exercise
[  ] Decrease your stress
[X] Get plenty of sleep
Doctors, tests & checkups
[  ] Get immunized
[X] Visit the dentist
Money & Home
[X] Start Baby Savings Account
[  ] Prepare Nursery
Is there anything else I should be thinking about during pre-conception?

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