Summer Sander’s Prenatal Workout


didn’t know exactly what to expect from a Prenatal Workout DVD.  You know what I did figure?  That it wouldn’t be very challenging.  But yesterday, feeling a burst of energy, needing a break from my Chinese New Year cleaning and experiencing a renewed sense of Fitblr purpose, I popped in the DVD.
The menu is split into 3 different opening options, naturally, for each trimester.  Then each trimester has an introduction and the option for an extended workout (54 minutes) or an express workout (20 minutes?).  I’ve only done the extended workout so I’m not entirely sure.
Summer Sander’s is about 7 months pregnant as she’s being trained in the video by her sister-in-law and personal trainer Keri. It is seriously amazing to see how physically fit she is while working out with this ginormous belly!  And encouraging.  If she can do it with a beach ball in her way, I sure as heck can do it.
The workout is easy using plies, lunges, squats, resistance bands and basic ab exercises to tone up the muscles.  The pace is somewhat slow but that’s ok because I’m not trying to knock myself out.  In fact, I feel like this is a pretty typical training session that most non-pregnant people would do, just not as quickly to prevent overheating.
I can imagine getting pretty sick of this workout DVD, as I do with anything I watch over and over again for more than a couple of weeks.  Also, the extended workout basically takes the viewer through a series of workout moves and then repeats, which is also a little mundane.
I wasn’t at all sore the next day but I did feel great after I finished it.  I logged it as calisthenics in MyFitnessPal and it came out to about 220 calories burned in 54 minutes.
I imagine I’ll need about 5 different workout types to cycle through, including walking, prenatal yoga, some gym time and another workout DVD. 

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