Maternity Clothes Too Soon


There’s a few problems with me making this post in the middle of my first trimester.
1. I’m not supposed to even be showing until I’m into my second trimester.
2. I thought I would shun maternity clothes entirely.  I almost never wear pants so I figured I could get by with a combination of the belly band when I do wear pants and just pair all my high waisted dresses with some leggings until September.
3. I haven’t gained any weight so far so my clothes should fit just fine.
4. I’m trying to stay as active as my energy levels will allow to keep my muscles toned and my body healthy.  I’m also trying to avoid much weight gain in the 1st trimester (keeping it to a couple lbs per my doctor’s orders) since I know I’ll absolutely have to gain consistently half a lb or a lb every week or so of my 2nd trimester.
So when I tell you that I bought maternity jeans last night you should know it’s a total shocker. This is how it happened:
I have been unusually cold lately.  My body is usually pretty good at keeping a level temperature, especially in California where the range of temperatures is so small. So I wear dresses all year round. Until I felt like I was constantly freezing the past few days.
I decided I would go buy some new jeans which any woman can attest to as sometimes self esteem plummeting. But then I realized: any jeans I buy now that fit perfectly won’t fit in a few months when I’m actually showing and I have no idea how my hips are going to change after the baby so I might never wear those jeans again.
Le sigh.
My friend told me that early on in her pregnancy she had bought maternity jeans that didn’t have the full panel.  Just a stretchy adjustable waistband with buttons that adjust for each trimester. 
So I popped over to Target and they had these Liz Lange Boyfriend Jeans on clearance for $20.
They were pretty good looking so I bought them. When I got home and tried them on, they fit through the legs but of course the waistband was too loose which makes the pants feel like they’re falling down.  I popped on a belt and now I am warm and comfortable in jeans while still being a little embarrassed that I’m wearing maternity clothes at 8 weeks.

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