Random Things That Are Happening To My Body: Week 5


So I thought I’d jot down some crazy stuff that’s been happening with my body over the past week that are surprising:
1. I get waves of tiredness.  As in one minute I am perfectly fine getting along with a productive day and then *BAM* - exhaustion. I almost fell asleep during the magic show at the Magic Castle on Friday. 
2. I am bloating. It is ridiculous.  The amount of bloating is slightly mitigated by drinking a lot of water.  It’s still more bloating than I’ve ever been used to.  I want it to stop.
3. TMI time: my breasts are super tender and they look like no matter how warm it is, that it’s freezing.  They are also quickly growing larger. J is happy except they are too tender to touch. Seriously. I am having to wear my workout bras to bed just so the compression eases some of the soreness.
4. I am constantly going to the restroom.  This is not fun. It’s times like these I am glad I usually wear dresses.
5. I get waves of nausea with no rhyme or reason. Before I eat, after I eat, it doesn’t matter.  Except when I’m eating white carbs.  The one thing I’m trying to stay away from because it’s not so healthy is the one thing that doesn’t bother my stomach. 
I blame J.  He’s a white carb lover of the highest degree.  His baby is making me crave things like fresh baked french bread, cinnamon rolls and pasta.  I tried to describe how I was feeling and J said “I’m glad you finally see carbs my way.” Lol.
6. I am often light headed. It forces me to stop and take deep breaths.
Regardless of all this craziness, being pregnant is freaking awesome!  The hormones, when not making me irrational are keeping me in a pretty happy mood.  No wonder some mommies get postpartum depression.

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