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Hey tumblr friends!  You know who is awesome?  Karen! When I told her I was preggos she immediately sent me a list of awesome things that might come in handy.  Here are a few items I’ve picked up over the past weeks that I think are awesome.
Karen recommended this because of all the crazy stuff that happens in the frontal region.  It really has helped even though it’s recommended for breast feeding moms and I’m not there yet.

Karen also recommended some kind of shea massage butter.  She used Lush Massage Bar but I couldn’t wait to order it so I went to the store and this was the only one I could find.  I’m going to switch over to Lush once I run out of the Palmer’s.

I can’t even explain how important hydration has been for me.  I get SO thirsty.  But in California every time I buy a water bottle, I spend at least $0.05 on CRV, which I only get back if I recycle it.  But then I end up collecting all these water bottles that pile up in the back of my car in a water bottle recycling box because I don’t find the time to get the recycling done. 
Anyway, this is all resolved with the Bobble.  Made with recycled materials, filters water as I drink it allowing me to fill up anywhere there’s a sink. Lasts for up to 300 bottles which is about $15 in CRV alone and no clutter in my car.

As you might have noticed, I was having a hard time hitting my calcium minimum requirements because dairy and I just weren’t jiving all that well.  J picked me up these chocolate calcium chews that are pretty tasty and I just pop them in when I know I’m short on calcium. 
Side note: My mom made sure she got enough calcium when she was pregnant with my brother.  She didn’t have a chance with me because I was born in a refugee camp and calcium sources just weren’t readily available. And I don’t know that she was super focused on that for my sister (16 years younger than me) who was a surprise. But my brother happens to be 6” taller than the rest of us in the family and super strong.
I immediately started taking prenatals when I found out but I thought it was important to bring up that not all prenatals include Folic Acid and DHA which are both important for neural tube and brain development.  I used One A Day because it included both but it turns out it’s just 2 pill bottles in one box.  Lol.
Will do an update on fitness purchases soon.

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