Pregnancy and Caloric Intake

There is a lot of information out there on how much a pregnant woman should be eating.  Like a boggles the mind kind of level of information. 
General advice says to not worry about gaining weight and to just make sure to eat high nutrient value food. It’s great in theory but let’s be honest.  It’s more than easy for me to fall into bad eating habits if I have this excuse of a baby needing sustenance.  I’m a woman who needs guidelines.
For instance, recently I’ve really wanted a corndog and jalapeno poppers.  I know, is my baby going to be some kind of carnie?  I actually bought jalapeno poppers as an appetizer for a birthday shindig I threw recently. But I didn’t even have one.  By the time they were cooked, I was so turned off by the idea. Instead I drank sparkling grape juice.  And a lot of it. I can’t even guestimate the amount anymore.
So yeah, I’m going to need to track some calories if I hope to have a safe pregnancy free of gestational diabetes.
This is what I could deduce:
1. During the first trimester there should be no gain and no increase in caloric intake.  Some people actually lose weight because of the decreased appetite from morning sickness and the influx of hormones. There should also be no “eating for 2” involved in the first trimester. The fetus is the size of a seed, it’s not eating that much. Lol.
2. In the second trimester, the increase in calories should only be 300 calories. In the third, an extra 500 calories.
3. For women at a healthy weight, a gain of 20-30 lbs is recommended. For overweight women, 15-20 lbs is recommended. Women at an obese weight are able to gain no weight or even lose weight during the pregnancy.
My doctor recommended:
1. I should eat the caloric intake to maintain my current weight.  He was emphatic that I do not actively try to lose weight but said not to force myself to eat either. A basic “listen to your body” advice piece.
2. I should absolutely not gain more than 34 lbs.  He said that I should at least gain 15 lbs during the pregnancy. 
3. I should not worry about the fetus getting sustenance. When pregnant, the fetus gets all the nutrients it needs first before it the mother does.

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