My OB and his Strictness


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    Not to make you nervous or anything, but I think your doctor seems very old-fashioned and un-knowledgeable?! How can we convince you to go see a different one? You can jog and do yoga and fly and c-section recovery is awful (I should know)!!!
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    Your doc sounds pretty strict… There were recently two pregnant marathon runners (of half runners) featured in Runners World. I flew at around 32 weeks. They discourage it very late in pregnancy, but I’ve never heard because of radiation…
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    Is the no jogging just for you, or is that what’s normally recommended? I thought jogging was ok if that’s what you’re used to doing.
  5.  runningmyassoff replied to your photo: Good news guys, Jamba Juice is ok! Bad news, so…
    UMMM YOUR DOCTOR IS CRAZY! You can jog- some mothers have completed half marathons while pregnant. Tea tree oil for pimples. I STILL use it. Flying is ok. I flew to Iowa for my baby shower at 34 weeks and Elin is Perfect!
Lol, I found these responses pretty on par with my response at first.  I was hoping that when I went to my OB he would tell me that I was being overly cautious.  I particularly hoped that he would be able to dispell a lot of the things my mom and mother-in-law warned me against (they are both very conservative when it comes to things like this and expressed their concerns about me jogging and running and what not.)
After meeting with him, it made me feel like I was actually not being cautious enough and I feel like I’m a pretty prepared type of person! 
In regards to the radiation worry, my doctor is talking about the new airport full body scanners which emit a higher level of radiation than previous screening processes.  1 in 20 people, more often in children, have a genetic predisposition to increased cancer risk from the scanners because their ability to repair the damage is inhibited. And because the scanners are so new they don’t know about all the possible side effects.  For instance, one recent study shows that the radiation intensity is actually 20 times higher than previously estimated.
As for the jogging and the running, I think it has to do with the fact that I wasn’t consistently jogging or running for an extended period of time before I got pregnant. I was only consistently jogging starting in November and ramping up to a consistent run in December when I got pregnant.  I’m sure he would say that there’s no problem if I had been running regularly for 6 months or so but I wasn’t.  :(  It’s not really his fault I didn’t start focusing on getting fit until a month and a half before conceiving.
He did say I could do Yoga, just that I should wait until my 2nd trimester (as do all the yoga schools recommend) and that I  might not enjoy it well into my 3rd trimester.  I am glad he gave me that warning because I might have bought a 6 month prenatal yoga package that might end up with 3 months wasted. But he said I could do it as long as I wanted to after my 2nd trimester.
As for the C-section, it’s kind of personal, but given a few different factors about my anatomy down there, I completely believe that he’s correct. And he’s an excellent surgeon.  I read a quite a few reviews of patients that had c-sections performed by him that said they were up and walking within 12 hours of the surgery with virtually no scarring.
I actually really trust this doctor.  He spent a good deal of time with J and I, he comes very highly recommended both by people I know and by numerous reviews from patients on review sites. 
I do totally appreciate all of your concern though!  The feedback really means a lot.

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