Low Energy Levels + Little Exercise = Sad Leah


In the past few days I’ve been trying to get in more movement.  For instance, I tried to get in a 30 minute walk around the local Town Center before going out on Friday.  Yesterday I took my mom’s dog for a walk while waiting for my brother to get ready to leave with me. 
It’s the little things that add up you know?
But I can’t help but feel weak and discouraged.  I used to be able to bust out 2-4 miles before J even woke up in the morning.  Or 20 minutes of the 30DS. And afterward I would feel great, pumped to move onto the thing on my checklist. That was less than a month ago!
During my leisurely walk, after about 10 minutes I just felt so *tired* inside. Zapped, like I was a drained battery. I kept going though for another 30 minutes. When walking Kona, my mom’s dog, I made it down maybe 2 blocks before my brother was ready and then I was hit with a wave of sleepiness.
The worst part is that I feel guilty. I know I should be getting in more physical activity.  There are amazing women out there who are maintaining their same workout routines throughout their 1st trimester.  And I’m complaining about walks!
And I know that the general advice is to do what feels good and natural to me.  To take it easy.  But where’s the middle ground?  How do I know when I’m taking it too easy and should push through?  Or how do I know when I’m pushing too hard?
I mean, I know that as long as I’m in my heart rate and temperature zone I’m ok but is it bad if I keep going after I’m tired?
How did you mommies stay active?
(I have an OB appointment on Thursday and I’ll ask then but I thought I’d ask all the experienced fit mommies.)

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