Healthy Things I Can’t Eat Because I’m An Incubator

Picking what to eat has been a challenge the past few days.  You see, in addition to the world of Chinese Do-Nots, there is a list of Western medicine Do-Not-Eats.  Most of them make sense, mainly to avoid any risk of food poisoning, but others just make me sad.
Like Sprouts. The doctors don’t recommend eating sprouts because it can be chock full of salmonella from whatever water they’ve been sitting in.  You don’t really cook sprouts so you can’t boiled the hell out of them to make them safe.
Or Raw Fish and Shellfish. I love sushi. I love smoked salmon. I love raw oysters.  *tears* Generally sashimi is a pretty healthy source of lean protein. Not for preggos.  Le sigh.
Raw anything for that matter.  This includes rare meats.  No delicious prime rib (not fully cooked enough if done properly, tastes awful if cooked well done), no medium rare burgers, no beef carpaccio, no seared lamb chops.  I might as well give up fine dining for the next 9 months. I don’t like any of my red meat fully cooked but I can’t have it if it’s not.
No Deli Meats that are not heated until steaming.  There is a risk of listeria which causes miscarriages. Goodbye cold sandwiches.
No Unpasteurized Cheeses. I love cheese.  Brie and blue and all the raw cheeses are my favorites.  I can’t have them.  For now I’m relegated to Dubliner and Manchego and the world of hard cheeses. Ok, so this might not be healthy per se but I’m going to lament it anyway.
Unpasturized Juices.  This is a recent finding that surprised me.  I had a Jamba Juice Mega Mango the other day so I could boost my fruit and hydration intake on a particularly nauseous day.  Apparently, that’s a no-no. The juices are fresh squeezed which also carry a risk of bacteria. Blarg.
This doesn’t make that much sense to me since I should be eating raw fruit. What does it matter if it’s in all fruit smoothie form if I can stomach it better than eating the whole pieces?  I think I’m going to ignore this.
Uncooked Eggs. No hollandaise on my eggs benedict, or poached eggs for that matter.  My favorite is over easy.  I like runny yolks. It’s all cooked from here until September I guess.
I love being pregnant but finding things I actually want and am allowed to eat is proving difficult. That’s probably why I haven’t gained any weight.

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