First Trimester Ramblings

The one thing about being pregnant that is staggering is how much it takes out of my energy stores. I know I’m making a person, but jeebus, can a little seedling really take up this much power? I can usually go, go, go but lately it’s been more like sleep, sleep, sleep.  I am literally getting waves of tiredness throughout the day!
Turns out during the first trimester, progesterone production increases and runs throughout the body.  Progesterone is a sleep inducing hormone. Like some kind of ninja sleep tactic to make sure future mommies like me don’t try to skip out on the resting.
I got the positive at home pregnancy test result a little while back but it’s not so easy getting a hold of a blood test and doctor to analyze it during the holiday season so I finally got confirmation yesterday.
J stopped by my work, brought me flowers (mums, lol) and took me to lunch.  We went to a new ramen place and ordered some ramen and gyoza. It was really sweet and romantic. :)
I do have to say that when I wasn’t pregnant, I’d have a couple tastes of everything just to experience it.  Now, there are just certain things I have no interest in.  Like gyoza. Weird.
An important thing to note: weight gain doesn’t start until the 2nd trimester.  Until then, I should be sticking to a normal caloric intake.  Determining the right intake was weird for me because I’ve been cutting back my calories to begin with so I didn’t know what intake was right. Should I use the intake for my current weight or should I use the intake for what my starting weight should be to end up at the right weight gain by the end of pregnancy?  Different sources said anything between 1200-2000. 
I don’t want to gain to much weight while pregnant and since I’m already overweight, I shouldn’t have to gain more than 15-20 lbs.  But I also don’t want to regularly lose weight because the constant flow of ketones that are released during fat loss can actually mentally retard the fetus.
So I have an appointment with my GYN (who now no longer does OB work grrr…) today at 3:30pm.  He’s going to be sitting there answering a whole lot of questions from this gal.

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