An Itty Bitty Announcement


I’ve been debating whether or not I post something about my current condition.  Part of me really wants to tell the world, the other part knows that I should keep my mouth shut for a little while because of all the superstition and risk.
I thought that this missing piece of information might make it confusing to my Fitblr Friends as to why I stopped doing the 30DS, why I’m not so concerned about my weight but super obsessed with my health.  I thought it might be alienating because I’m keeping back such a big chunk of what is running my life.
And some of you already know because you reached out and I couldn’t keep it from you wonderful ladies. Once I start posting my food logs again, everyone will already have a pretty good idea. So should I really not just be out with it?
But then I realized, I write this blog just as much for me as I do for all of you.  I want to blog about what I’m going through, how it’s changing my life, the way I eat and restricting a world of things I used to do. 
So here it is:
I’m pregnant. :)

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