7 Week OB Appointment


Am I really at 7 weeks?  Holy moley. Why does 9 months seem so short and so long at the same time? 
Anywho, J and I walked around Disneyland and DCA last night for about an hour after catching dinner.  Yay for getting in a long long walk.  It wasn’t a very brisk pace but at least I was able to keep it up without getting so tired I wanted to sit down.
You know, the waves of tiredness really make me wonder if I’m just being lazy. All you wonderful fitblr mommies and pregnancy books have assured me that it’s just 1st Trimester fatigue and I believe it.  It’s just when it comes and goes like that it just makes me want to power through it which is probably the opposite of what I should be doing.
Lucky for me my OB appointment is today at 4:30.  I have a slew of questions like:
1. Is jogging ok?  2 books and a few articles I’ve read recommend not jogging. But then I was jogging before I got pregnant so I should be able to sustain that level of activity right? If Jogging is not ok, is there a list of approved exercises?
2. What should I use to deal with my pimples?  I usually have pretty clear skin but the hormones can reverted me back to high school.  I read in What To Expect (my wonderful neighbor got me a copy 2 weeks ago as a surprise) that salicylic acid might be bad for the fetus if absorbed through the skin. But how else am I going to get rid of the pimples? 
3. Is my prenatal workout DVD safe?  I’m fairly certain it is but I want to make sure there aren’t any weird complications that might prevent me from using it. 
It’s funny because almost every workout DVD I’ve ever used recommends contacting a physician before starting the program and this is the first time I’m taking the warning seriously.
4. Are my prenatal vitamins I’m taking sufficient? I’m taking standard prenatals but in case I have some kind of deficiency I want to make sure.
5. When can I take Prenatal Yoga? Do I really have to wait until my 2nd trimester?  One of the Yoga schools I talked to said I would need to provide a doctor’s note if I was going to start in my first trimester.  It’s not like I’m in a huge rush, I just want to know what the real dangers are in case I want to pick up a prenatal yoga DVD.
6. How much should I be sleeping?  Do I really need to sleep when I feel tired?  Can I just try to work through it or will that be bad for the baby?
7. What classes should I be taking to prepare for childbirth?  Recommendations for Lamaze and related classes?
8. What are my birthing options at the hospital?  Are there private rooms, birthing rooms, etc?
9. Can I really not have unpasteurized juices?  That’s got to be just something ridiculously over cautious right?  Jamba Juice can’t possibly be off limits!
10. What effect does early exposure to lidocaine have on the fetus? I had some dental work done before I knew I was pregnant, which included lidocaine (6% over the course of 3 visits, I specifically asked my dentist right after I found out I was pregnant because I was so freaked out).
11. Is there a checklist or calendar of items that I should be focused on accomplishing during each month?  I’m currently using the one on The Bump but I figure one from my OB is better.
12. What is better, natural birth or c-section?  There is just so much information out there on this and I originally thought c-section would be the way to go but after reading about how long the recovery is, plus I want to breast feed which means I won’t be able to take pain killers after the surgery, I just don’t know.
13. How much is the birth going to cost? I know the insurance will cover most of it but I’m making our 2011 budget now that we know a baby will be involved and this is a big ticket item.
14. Can I fly during each trimester?  We’re considering a babymoon, my friends are getting married in May in New Orleans, etc.  I need to know what kind of travel plans I can make during each trimester.
That’s all I have for right now.  Am I missing anything you would ask?

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